I like travel.

Living in open spaces and make pictures of my surrounding.

I love details and all that's different and new.

I'm an Italian designer, settled in Praia de Pipa since 2 and half, i live here at the Reef Apartments with my husband and my doggy Maia.

In the last 12 years i put the passion in details and travel, managing places for holidays and today i mix these two to create things.


I hope you'll enjoy the travel.


Beauty + travel accessories

   the meaning of this line.


I love prepare my lugguages and i love nice things, well designed and beauty, because when we travel we need something usefull, resistant, practicle...better if it's also nice!

The IDEA is , to choose Small ThingS that we use during a travel and transform them in something colorfull, nice to see ( not "just for lugguage") and to bring around, or for a nice present from Pipa.

the right graphic, the right message, i create them from the pictures,Pipa is the right place to get the inspiration from the nature, colors, shapes.

the Fabrics:as designer I must think at the use, the base for the good result.

That's why The polyester super light and waterproof  or The natural and Organic cotton.




     Small things travelling.


Discover my world, check your favorite sac, beachsac, bags, purse, headbands ecc... contact us for order and shipping : we are in Pipa - small village in Brazil - so please be patience...and enjoy the "healty await".



Inside, You will find sweet memories about colours shapes, imagination, details and care...that's my Pipa for YOU!



Send us your photo and we will create your personal graphic printed with the Silk Screen method.


100% artesanal

Made in Pipa