SmallThingstraveling for everybody

Choose your accessory, for fabric, kind of use, print, and free your imagination and emotions!!!


Customize your item with a special #word, initials, and personal ideas.

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Silk-screen icons + natural cotton

The SmallThing is printed, with silkscreen method, 100% natural cotton, Azo-free, ethically produced in Europe.

The icons remember sweet memories or will switch on your creativity

Good for: diary use, free hands trip, organizing your day, keep separating and safe, your things.

Resistant fabric, easy washable.


Zipper purse with Tech memories

The SmallThing made with technical 100% waterfproof fabric, super light and resistant.

Stripes and pictures to combine glam and use.


Good for: light-travel, daily bag use, liquids, wet stuff, teethbrush, brush and what you prefer!!!


Comfort adjustable, headband

The SmallThing with Organic natural cotton* (*without chemical treatments, without fertilizer during the plants'  growing ), super light and transpirant.

Easy to use - just turns the end part togheter-  and adjustable

leve e respirável.

Macro images and lots of colours for your head!


Good for: windy and hots days, curly hairs and colours addicted!!
Ideal for kids.